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Property Finance

Do you need finance for a new home or investment property? Maybe you’re looking to refinance your current loan to get the best rates out there.

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We can advise on commercial & business lending with access to the best business loan products to fund your business growth and finance business initiatives

Financial Planning

Take the guesswork out of how to get your finances from A to Z and chat with one of our financial planning professionals to weigh up your options.

Financial Solutions for all Life Stages

At OZloans, we understand that your first home, business or vehicle loan will not necessarily be your last. Our finance, car finance broker, and home loan brokers are here to help you with car finance, home and business loans across Sydney.

We are your ‘ally’ through the maze of borrowing options and the buying process. By using our services, you will have a specialist dedicated to looking after your interests. We are top mortgage brokers in Sydney and as one of the best mortgage brokers, We give you exposure to lenders that you might not be aware of and our experience saves you time and money.

As your personal and life circumstances change – or as the markets change – there will always be an ongoing requirement for you to revisit your finance choices. We recommend that you have regular finance audits with us to ensure you are always in an appropriate loan product for your circumstances.

As your property & assets increase in value, so too does the equity in your home. Using this equity wisely for investment purposes and future planning can ensure some peace of mind for your longer term financial security. Our financial planning experts will assist you along this path.

Whether you are planning your future retirement, wanting to start or increase your investment property portfolio, need help with wealth, business and retirement strategies, we are here to support and guide you to achiever the best possible outcome.

Whether our relationship starts with your first or second loan. We consider you to be a client for life. We not only look after your initial needs we will also consider your future needs. We want you to be confident that you are working with someone who has your best interests in mind both now and in the long term.

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With constant changes in the finance industry, we will guide you through the finance maze to allow you to choose your perfect loan.


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Interested in investing in property? Let us help you in working out how much you can borrow so you can make an informed decision.

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Gain control of your finances and let us help you assess and achieve your financial goals while also protecting your income and assets.

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OzLoans Finance is a boutique group of Finance and Mortgage brokers assisting you to obtain the best loans and finance for your residential and commercial projects including for investment properties, asset & vehicle buying, & development funding.

We maintain differing relationships with a wide variety of funding sources to suit your needs and place the business either directly with banks and regular lenders as well as through Private Lenders & Mortgage Managers.



Our philosophy directs us to provide a personalized and holistic support service and this has guided us since our launch since December 1999.

Alvin Lee, our founder, was a practicing CPA for over 40 years. He launched OzLoans Finance in 1999, after coming into the financial services industry through the original RAMS operation. Unfortunately Alvin passed away in May 2023.

Greg North partnered with Alvin in 2017, to form and grow OzLoans Broker Group which currently has 13 successful brokers.

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Whether you are dreaming about your first home or considering an investment property, the right advice is crucial. Start by downloading one of our comprehensive guides today.

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