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What is a personal loan?

Personal loans in Australia Explained

A personal loan might be right for you if you want to fund the purchase of a car, boat, holiday or if you want to consolidate debt. Personal loans are usually unsecured loans, ie, there is no asset provided as security against the debt. They are usually structured with a fixed interest rate, fixed loan period and fixed $ amount for repayments.

Personal loans may come with lower interest rates than credit cards, so funding a big expense or project with a personal loan could save you thousands of dollars on interest payments over credit card repayments.

Leases can seem similar to a personal loan, however, there are some differences between the two types of finance.

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We always recommend to secure independent advice from an experienced finance broker, not just your bank. The OZLoans Finance team brings sophisticated advice and advanced financial solutions, backed by 20+ years of experience in finance broking and management accounting. You can also consider it as a cross-check before committing to what may be a complicated, inflexible and unsuitable financial commitment. It is also complimentary.

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